What kind of a name is “Maddy’s Fatty’s” (aka, the MF Bakery)?

Maddy’s Fatty is what they called me as a child. It was a nick name I was tormented with for many years as an overweight kid who loved sweets. Lol. So I decided to take a negative and make it a positive. What’s wrong with that??? The “MF bakery” sign was a pure fluke that later became pure genius. As we were getting ready to open our doors, our landlord was pressuring us to get a sign up. Well, funds were extremely tight and, if you know anything about the cost of commercial signs, to get Maddy’s Fatty’s was super expensive. Our landlord had a genius idea to go with “MF Bakery.” After all, he said, “no one knows what Maddy’s Fatty’s is, but they know what a bakery is.” Enza and I thought good point; so we went for it and the rest is history! Either you think it’s really funny or you’re a prude, whom we don’t want around us anyways. Just kidding, but really, if you take offense to it, you should give us a try anyway, we have the best baked goods in the area!

Why aren’t you open on Sundays? I want my sugar fix!!!

Because if you ever been around Cornelius on a Sunday, it’s a ghost town. And don’t say we didn’t try it, we did; you can assume the turn out of that decision. Not to mention, we are machines, and Sundays we get serviced so that we ensure perfectly baked goods the rest of the week.

All joking aside (but not really), it is important to us to observe a Sabbath; it keeps our lives and priorities balanced by setting aside time for rest and our families.

How long have you been open?

We opened our doors May 28, 2012. Mark your calendars, it’s a pretty important Holiday.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Visa, Master Card, and American express (only for amounts over $100). As well as cash, of course.

How many treats may I purchase as a walk-in?

Unlimited!! Buy out our entire store for all we care, we’re machines, remember?

What kind of bakery runs out of baked goods?

The GREAT ones! Duh.

Here’s the deal yo: consumers have been brainwashed to expect that EVERYTHING is mass-produced and shelf-stable and that there is an endless supply of everything “in the back.”

We are a family owned bakery specializing in FRESH baked, yummy desserts. We don’t ever use pre-made mixes, unlike many bakeries; we measure our own flour and crack our own eggs (If you need proof, there’s a huge window in the back). Also, we don’t use preservatives that could make our cakes last forever and you can definitely taste that homemade deliciousness in every bite. We know you guys think we have an invisible army of oompa loompas churning out sweets by the hundreds… unfortunately, that’s false, and we sincerely apologize for that and our lack of baked goods at times.

May I place a pre-order?

Yes. We LOVE pre-orders.

You may have noticed that our flavors and goods change often, so if you want something specific or know you’ll need a large quantity, the best thing for everyone is to place an order… just remember, when we’re booked, we’re booked. So please call in advance because we would love to bake you something!

Do you deliver or ship?

YES and YES; however, there are conditions. We deliver only with a minimum purchase of $30 and delivery is free only within Cornelius. We ship only our dry GF mixes, they’re great, and you should try them.

Do you discount for bulk?

Nope! We make our goodies with the same great ingredients and same kick-ass awesomeness regardless of whether you’re getting 1 or 500! Our only exception is when you buy 2, 4, 6, or 12 cupcakes out of our day’s bake!

What about special dietary needs?

We are NOT a nut free facility; however, we ARE able to make items that do NOT contain nuts!

With that out of the way, we can do it all: Gluten free (GF), egg free, dairy free (VGF), soy free, etc. And gosh darn it, if you want AIR, we will bake it, and it will be delicious.

However, because we are a small bakery, we can’t 100% guarantee that an item will be free from trace elements. Even products made without flour, peanuts, etc. might have had some contact with that ingredient. It’s Millennial America- you get it.

How should I store my baked goods?

Our goodies are meant to be eaten the day of purchase, however here are some tips if you plan to save them for later:

Cake/cupcakes should be stored at room temperature in an airtight container (Tupperware, cake dome, several layers of Saran wrap…) away from heat.  Cakes made with boiled icing (like coconut) should be refrigerated. However, if you are eating it the day after it has been picked up, we recommend storing it in a freezer to lock in all that yummy goodness and setting it out some hours before you serve it to allow for thawing!

Most pies are best stored in the refrigerator.

Cookies are fine stored in an airtight container or Ziploc bag at room temperature.

Please remember, our goods are not made with preservatives or artificial ingredients that make them stay moist for days, so please don’t store them too long! Plus, how could you resist our delicious goods for more than a day?!

My school/organization is having an auction/soliciting donations of goods or gift certificates. Will Maddy’s Fatty’s donate?

We do donate as much as we possibly can. We typically will choose a few at a time and that’s all. However we are asked throughout the year to donate to various organizations and we do what we can.

It’s not like we’re machines or anything….

When do you offer store credits and or refunds?

Let me count the ways….

The best answer is, when you place your order, be it in store or over the phone, we book that time and day for your order and if you cancel and we give you a refund, we lost out on a transaction for that time slot. Its simple business. Now, we understand things come up, and we do allow refunds if you cancel your cake at least 2 weeks prior to the pickup date, but any time after that it will be a store credit.

If you call the day before your cake is due for pickup, we cannot and will not give you a refund or a store credit. As a small business, this is time and money we have also invested. We have a cake policy for a reason!

Why does your buttercream taste like butter?

Well, probably because it IS butter!!!!  If it doesn’t taste like butter, it’s NOT buttercream, it’s shortening with sugar. So if you like biting down into shortening, please save the trip and go to another bakery. We believe in whole foods and great quality products that are not only good, but good for your body as well.

Butter in buttercream and buttercream tasting like butter. Who would have thought?

Why do you have some really horrible reviews?

Because although we try, we cannot please everyone. Please remember these reviews are subjective and we do all we possibly can to please every single customer. We are actually humans, not machines, and we do make mistakes because we are perfectly imperfect. However, when these type things happen we do our best to make it right, but sometimes our right is their left, and reviews are left.

Why does your head baker have so many tattoos?

She obviously plans on baking forever, DUHHH. She also has nothing better to spend her money on.

No, REALLY, she is a free spirit, an artist with creative style, and this is why we hired her in the first place.

Do you do birthday parties? 

We absolutely do and they’re a blast! We love kids and we love that we’re able to use creativity to ensure your child has the best time for their birthday! If you want to know more about what a Fatty’s birthday party entails, you can give us a call and we’d be happy to let you in on that information because who doesn’t want to bake on their birthday…?!

Why does it say I sometimes have to wait past my pick up time on the cake policy?

If you haven’t guessed it by now… we are NOT actually machines. Sometimes cakes can take a bit longer than expected to make, whether it’s because we got overzealous with the design, or because we have to hand make everything, we WILL get you your order ASAP! We can assure you, even though our name has “Fatty’s” in it, there is no standing around in the back. We are constantly working on getting orders out to everyone as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality while baking for the store. Now I finally understand why people think we have an army of oompa loompas in the back (refer to the question “What kind of bakery runs out of baked goods?”). In all actuality though, we apologize for the wait that sometimes may happen, but let us get you a coffee or a baked good as consolation so you can at least enjoy your stay!

So why did you get into the business of baking?

A lot of reasons.

First, some reasons we DIDN’T get into the business: neither of us are bakers to become rich (which is a good thing, because we’d be in for some real disappointment…); we aren’t bakers because we thought it’d be easy (those people get weeded out pretty quickly in this industry); and we aren’t bakers in order to eat sweets all day… well, not the entire day that is…

As for why we do it, we love being creative with baking and helping others be creative when it comes to designing their custom order. Cornelius is a great place to interact with people because we are blessed with so much character; everyone here has a story! We are also bakers because we enjoy active employment; we’re always moving, stirring, reaching, etc. I know it sounds exhausting (it is) but it’s also wonderful to feel like you’re really WORKING. And we just love feeling super-productive and going home tired, knowing that we put our very best in the products we bake for you guys.  Finally, we’re bakers because as individuals we consciously chose careers where we could serve others through food and shared experience.

Our goals are simple: make enough money to support a simple lifestyle, enjoy our work, give back to the community, make a product we’re proud of, and make your day a little brighter!

You can send us feedback here.

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