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Hello and thank you for visiting our site and placing your order. We can ensure you that you will order again and again. We take pride in all our creations and would only give you a top quality product. Our cakes are consistent. Every time you bite into a Maddy’s Fatty’s cake you will get that “WOW” effect.


How and why Maddy’s Fatty’s came to be? First and fore most my name is Madeline and as a child I was “overweight.” The kids on the bus and at school bullied and tormented me day in and day out calling me “Maddy Fatty”. Long story short I would come home every day crying and praying to God to make me thin. As I grew up the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan..lol. Let’s just say things change. I became a nurse to help make people feel better inside and out. As my family grew I took more time off at the hospital and more time in the kitchen. Between school, parties, and birthday parties my love for baking grew. I have always had a passion for baking and as more and more of my friends and family kept on telling me I should sell my cakes, I finally listened and so here I am.


My name is Enza and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in the spring of 2008. But I was no stranger to food restrictions. My second child was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. So I learned to adapt my cooking to using no eggs, milk, peanut and tree nut products. But telling an Italian you can no longer have pasta or bread, well it was the beginning of the end. Then realizing that I could no longer eat any Italian pastry threw me into denial which I paid for…big time. But it wasn’t until my first born was diagnosed with the disease that I realized, this just won’t due. My child will not be denied a birthday cake or anything else for that matter. I was on a mission and what I could not find I was going to create. Slowly my baked goods emerged. Initially made solely for my children, but soon everyone was eating them and requesting more. And so, when this venture was addressed to me by my sister-in-law Madeline, we decided it was time to share our baked goods with all of you. It is now time to have our own cake and you get to eat it too! Enjoy!!!

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